“Throughout the entire time we felt like we had a partner who cared, walked with us and went above and beyond.”
How Can Coaching Help You?

SASH Senior Home Sale Coaching is designed to assist seniors and their families through what is often an overwhelming and complex journey; the sale of their home. From our years of serving clients during this significant life step, we understand the unique components of a senior’s home sale which are unlike any other. Financial, emotional, health, and relationship factors may influence the sale. The senior’s well-being and dignity must be protected along the way.

Since 2006, SASH has provided senior clients with custom-designed home sale services, blending our expertise in elder care and real estate. Coaching allows families nationwide to benefit from our experience, using our guidance through the steps and challenges of their sale. Coaches provide help in a number of ways:

Relief from the stress and hard work of managing a senior’s home sale when family has limited time to help, or does not live in the same area.

Assistance with decisions that can have a significant impact on the outcome of the sale, the net proceeds, and the work involved.

Support from experienced professionals who understand the complexity of this life step.

Tips and practical advice to make efficient use of time and resources for a successful outcome.

SASH Home Sale Coaches fill a number of roles for clients and families. Coaches can be researchers, as they locate and screen resources and services. They can be quarterbacks, coordinating many tasks on behalf of the clients. Coaches serve as cheerleaders, encouraging clients through each step. They have been trusted confidantes, providing compassionate support through challenging situations.

Most importantly, SASH Coaches serve as advocates, ensuring that the senior homeowner’s well-being and best interests are protected through each phase of downsizing and selling the home. As Coaches, we work on your schedule, focused on your needs and goals throughout the sale. Our Team looks forward to serving you!