"The farther away we get from the house sale, the more we realize what a good choice we made in going with The SASH Program."
SASH Client Feedback

With a mission of providing a great home sale experience to all of our senior clients and their families, SASH requests client feedback after each home sale is completed. Clients and their families submit anonymous evaluations of our service, which we use to help develop SASH into the best senior home sale service that it can be.

Over the years, SASH has consistently received outstanding reviews from our clients. The testimonies of how SASH was able to assist in delicate, difficult, or impossible situations speak to the care and attention we give to each family through the home sale process.

We invite you to read these evaluations below. Click on any image to enlarge it for easy viewing.

If you have feedback about our service, we invite you to contact SASH to share your experience with us. Thank you!