“I wish everyone going through this transition with an aging parent could have this type of an experience.”
Core Values of SASH

SASH’s Core Values were created by The SASH Team. Everything we do at SASH, from the smallest task to the most significant corporate decision, is guided by our Core Values. They represent our beliefs as an elder care service, our intentions as a growing business, and our shared philosophies as a team of professionals.

These are the ten Core Values that we live by:


We believe seniors deserve the highest level of respect and care.


We earn trust every day.


We are a positive, committed, and inspired Team.


We are dedicated to outstanding service to seniors and their families through the home sale process.


We innovate, create, and solve to provide the best value to each client.


We are refreshingly honest.


We work to better our communities.


We collaborate daily with elder care professionals to strengthen the care around each senior.


We build relationships for the long term.


We do what we say we're going to do.