“The whole process was completed in one month – SASH made the selling process easy for us!”
Employer Coaching Packages

An alarming trend in the workplace is affecting the productivity and performance of millions of workers. This is the steady increase in employees’ caregiving responsibilities for aging parents. Even the most productive, talented employees are torn between work demands and the care needs of their older family members.

The U.S. Department of Labor estimates that 54% of workplace employees provide care to aging parents. With limited resources and time, they must manage health and safety emergencies, daily and weekly care needs, and major life events. Here at the SASH office, this statistic is confirmed by the number of families who call us, overwhelmed by the responsibilities of assisting an aging parent through the enormous step of the home sale.  

SASH Coaching Services offers a comprehensive solution for caregiving employees, which also pays significant dividends to employers. We provide guidance, resources, support, and complete management of the senior’s home sale. SASH Coaching Services relieve the stress and distraction of the sale from employee caregivers, allowing them to continue as productive, focused workers.

SASH Coaching Services offer Employee Assistance Programs (EAPs) and employers outstanding options of support for workers. Services are available through monthly retainer programs, certificate redemptions, stepped assistance options, and much more.

With years of experience assisting families through the home sale process, SASH understands well the needs and concerns of adult children who are caregivers. Our complete “family” of senior home sale services help your workers enjoy life balance, workplace productivity, and peace of mind even through the most difficult step of their aging parents’ lives. 

For more information about offering SASH Coaching Services to your employees, please contact us at (direct phone number to coaching office) or write to our Managing Director of Coaching Services Jan Saxton at jan@sashservices.com.