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Senior Home Sale Book

SASH is proud to announce the coming release of its first book, written by co-authors Rebecca Bomann, Founder of SASH, and Jane Conrad, renowned Seniors Real Estate Specialist. This hands-on, practical guide is the combination of twenty-two years of experience helping seniors through their home sale, through hundreds of home sale situations, topped with some humor and compassion.

The result is an enjoyable, easy read that is packed with helpful advice. In Fall of 2013, co-authors Bomann and Conrad will be releasing this senior home sale book.

Their collaboration has already been enjoyed by radio audiences, live audiences, and YouTube audiences, as Ms. Bomann and Ms. Conrad have taught and spoken many times together. Now, it will be available in a paperback version and as an e-book, offering the same encouragement and ideas that can only come from years of experience.

Stay tuned for news on release dates and e-book availability! This is a great book for:

  • Busy adult children who are helping aging parents through their sale.
  • Elder care providers looking for tips and advice for their senior clients
  • Senior homeowners who would like a guide through the steps of the home sale
  • Anyone who would like to learn more about the process of selling a senior’s home, in a helpful, informative manner

For more information or to request a first edition copy, please send an email to info@ sashservices.com, or call 206-501-4375. To book Rebecca Bomann or Jane Conrad as a speaker for your event, please contact Colleen Barnes, Executive Marketing Director of SASH, at 206-501-4375.

About the Authors:

Jane Conrad is a Realtor with John L. Scott Real Estate. She has specialized in helping seniors sell their home for 14 years, with over 200 successful home sales. Ms. Conrad serves on the Board of the West Seattle Senior Center, and speaks frequently to audiences about navigating the senior home sale. Previous to her real estate career, Ms. Conrad served over 25 years as a social worker, and brings this experience to her present work with seniors. Ms. Conrad has a BA in Social Welfare from Pennsylvania State University.

Rebecca Bomann is the CEO and Founder of SASH (Sell A Senior’s Home), created in 2005 to provide seniors and their families with outstanding home sale services. Ms. Bomann is the spokesperson for SASH and a public advocate for seniors, and has appeared on television, radio, and in front of many live audiences. She is the author of Faith in the Barrios (Lynne Reinner Publishers ©1999) and was published by Oxford Press in 2011. Ms. Bomann has a BA in Sociology from Hamilton College in New York.