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Provider Coaching Packages

Hundreds of calls come into the SASH office every year from elder care professionals who are “stuck” trying to assist senior clients through challenging home sale situations.

Seniors’ home sales are often complicated by factors such as safety and health concerns, financial constraints, and pressing deadlines. When loved ones don’t live near the senior, this can intensify the stress and frustration. What often results is a home sale journey that is emotionally and financially taxing for everyone involved. In some cases, the home sale falls apart, preventing the seniors from being able to move into a supportive community.

SASH Coaching Services provide seniors and their families with practical, experienced guidance through their home sale. We can assist at any point in the sale, or can manage the entire process to completion. As a nationwide service, SASH Coaching provides enormous benefit to families that are spread out geographically.

Elder care professionals can offer Coaching Services to their senior clients and families as a resource through our provider programs and corporate packages. SASH’s affordable options and easy certificate redemption make it simple to make our assistance available.

Your community or service can provide a complimentary coaching session as a way to encourage and facilitate the home sale process. Our Coaches offer support, tips, guidance, and practical advice, based on years of experience serving seniors.

To learn more about how we can help your clients achieve their home sale goals, contact SASH Coaching Services. Call SASH at 888-400-SASH (7274), or email our Managing Director of Coaching Services, Jan Saxton, at jan@sashservices.com

We’re here for you as a partner, a resource, and a service that has been dedicated to senior care since day one. We look forward to working with you.