"One of my concerns was all the "stuff", and all of it was taken care of. I have been spreading the word far and wide."
Sell Your Home to SASH

“Wouldn’t it be great if we could just be done with the sale of our home?” Perhaps you have wished this for yourself or an elderly loved one.

The sale of a senior’s home can be stressful, overwhelming, and costly. Families often dread it, unsure of how they will navigate the complicated steps and emotions of the sale.  

The SASH Program enables families to experience a home sale that is simple, supported, and done. Our most complete service, The SASH Program provides resources and management for your home sale. With our unique blend of elder care and real estate, SASH can purchase your home in a private and custom-designed sale.

We can also manage the sale for you, covering moving, renovation, and other costs until a buyer purchases your home. SASH does not get paid until your home is sold, and we stand behind our commitment to provide a great outcome to you and your family.

SASH Program clients are able to relax and enjoy our complete packing and moving services, client-selected closing date, and privacy. Clients don’t have to update or repair their home. SASH can arrange for estate sales, donations, and additional custom services, based on the family’s needs.

Best of all, SASH handles the stressful details, including closing, renovation, clean out of unwanted household items, transfer of utilities, and more. SASH Program clients have no out-of-pocket expenses, as SASH includes all services in the transaction.

The SASH Program offers a known outcome in the sale of a senior’s home, enabling clients to confidently plan their move to a new home.

SASH is experienced in a wide range of home sales, and can work with your family to design the best home sale for your needs. Unusual and challenging situations are our specialty. Call us to find out how we can help you with our outstanding service!